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It's called 5Nfreddy's and I'm SpringTrap.
Mr. Hops by Mizuki-ShiBara
Mr. Hops
Okay, this is actually a human version of my stuffed rabbit xD I got really bored.

His name is Jeremy Hopkins. He is a shy but gentlemanly young boy. He
is energetic when around friends, rather bouncy and bubbly as well, hence the nickname Mr. Hops.


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United States
Ey there! The names Mizuki but you can call me Ren. I'm a shooter game chick (Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Brink, Dead Space, Borderlands 2, ect) as well as an author, artist, and singer.
New Creepypasta! Art coming soon. Enjoy~
It was a warm fall day in the little town of RoseRoad, a light, gentle breeze flowing through the air and passed a young man standing outside his new home. With bright eyes of autumn leaves, he gazed at the old, two story, grey house. His parents had just recently bought it and finished moving in only two days prior. The boy entered the house, moving a few pieces of dark red hair out of his face as he walked through the door.

Gabriel by Mizuki-ShiBara

"Gabriel, can you move those boxes in the living room to the attic please?" His mother called as she heard him enter the front door.

"Sure, mom. The ones by the couch?" He called back, looking at the dark green couch.

"Yes! There should be two of them," his mom said as she moved from the dining room to the kitchen was a few smaller boxes.

Gabriel nodded to himself as he rolled up the sleeves of his blue hoodie, then picked the two fair sized boxes up. He let out a sigh as he ventured up the stairs and down the long hallway to the right of the stairs. At the top of the stairs were three hallways, one straight forward, one left, and another right. He walked down the right hallway to the last door on the left  opening it and cautiously going up the old stairs, each one creaking and groaning as thought the weight they could not bare. Upon reaching the top, he walked to the left and sat the boxes among a few others against the wall. He sighed in relief and wiped his hands on his dark blue jeans, turning and heading toward the stairs when something caught his eye. He tilted his head, glancing the the tight of the room where something gleamed from the little bit of sun light seeping in from the curtained window. He hesitantly walked over to it, moving boxes out of the way to find a small door, a crawl space like door. He stared at it for a moment, then reached for the small latch. It was locked but, having been rusted so badly, easily pulled off with a bit of force. 

Slowly, Gabriel opened the small door, a soft creaking echoing off the attic walls. He coughed as a cloud of dust flowed out of the space. He looked inside, seeing something deep inside. He got onto his stomach and reached within the door, reaching until finally, arm aching from the strain, grabbing ahold of an edge of whatever it was. He pulled it out only to find it to be a small copper box that was heavily oxidized. He reached to open it when-

"Gabriel! Dinner time!" -his mother called for him.

"Coming!" He called back, grabbing the box and closing the door before walking swiftly out from the attic room. He closed the attic door and went to his room, placing the box atop his desk before going downstairs for dinner.


Gabriel sat at the rectangular, dark wood dinner table, his mother to his right, his father to the left. They were in the middle of eating  all silent. It started to worry Gabriel as they were never this quiet unless something was wrong.

"Gabriel, we have to talk to you," his father said. There it was.

He looked up from his food, watching his parents intently.

"We have a work opportunity...that requires us to travel to another country for a few weeks," his father began.

"And we can't bring you with us," his mother finished.

"What?! We just moved here! Your leaving me alone already?!" Gabriel shouted, dropping his fork.

"Gabriel, calm down, we-"

"No! I will not calm down! You promised that things would be different! That sis would be coming to visit and we all would be a family again!" He interrupted his father.

"We can't help this, we don't have a choi-"

"No, don't give me that bullshit!" He interrupted his mother.

"GABRIEL!" His father yelled, slamming his hands on the table, "that's enough!"

Gabriel growled, standing up and leaving the dinning room. He wouldn't just sit by and deal with it anymore...he refused. He went up the stairs and to his room, shutting the door rather harshly as he took his hoodie off, relabeling a black t-shirt underneath. He kicked off his black converse and dropped onto his bed, he sighed and curled up, his anger simmering down. He glanced up at the box on his desk, contemplating wether to open it or not. Sighing, he got up and out of his bed, sitting in the desk chair. He tried opening the box but, it to was locked like the door. Not only that but, the lock and handle were rusted and oxidized. He searched his room until he found a heavy duty flashlight. Sitting back in the chair, Gabriel used the butt-end of the flashlight to hit against the lock and handle until it finally came off, rust and oxidized copper falling off like dust. Hesitantly, he opened the small, fair sized box and gazed inside. Within the old box were old papers with notes of science and math, yellowed with age, a few old, black and white photos that seemed to be damaged by age and miss-handling, and an old, brown leather journal. He skimmed through the notes and photos before finally getting to the journal.
Gabriel carefully, gently, untied the thin rope-like vine that had tied the journal closed. He carefully, almost hesitantly, opened the journal, dust falling out like a cloud. The pages were yellowed, some curled and dried looking as if something had been spilled on it and been left to dry. On the first page, there was something written in rather beautiful handwriting that seemed like cursive yet wasn't at the same time. It read, "The Scientific Journal of Jonathan A. William's Experiments." Curious overtaking him, he turned the page and began to read on.

Image by Mizuki-ShiBara

Gabriel frowned in concern as to what the journal was meaning and because of the words being smudged and distorted. He turned the page, skimming to reach more procedures and notes, skipping a few pages until he reached a rather startling one, the writing looking hurried and sloppy with excitement.

Image by Mizuki-ShiBara

Gabriel dropped the book in shock, the next pages were blank and stained with blood. He shakily picked the book up and turned the pages, then he found another page with writing, sloppy and shaky.

Image by Mizuki-ShiBara

Gabriel out the book on the desk and stared out of the window in front of him. His curiosity was killing him, eating at his brain...was that creature, Lenore still alive? He would find out. He planned to find that lab tomorrow and see what became of it. He put the journal in a small backpack along with his flashlight, camera, a hammer, and small hunting knife. He would gather a bit of food in the morning. He laid in his bed, not bothering to get into his night clothes as he drifted into sleep, imagining what this Lenore may look like.


Gabriel woke up to an empty house that morning, his parents having left for their business trip hours prior. He grabbed some apples from the kitchen, putting it in his bag before slipping his blue hoodie and black converse on. He put his backpack on and walked out of the front door. He walked down the street and toward the woods only a mile or so away from his home. It took him only about a half an hour to reach the entrance to the woods, having to push branches and thorn bushes. He took a breath in as he ventured into the woods. He knew he was stupid, that this idea was one that could get him in serious trouble or get him killed but,the curiosity was unbearable. What if this Lenore was still living? What if she needed help? He wondered, walking further into the woods. He took the journal out from his bag, searching the pages for some indication for where this laboratory could have been. 

It took a few hours but, after almost falling into a creek, getting stabbed with thorns, and hitting his head against branches, Gabriel had finally found the old lab. It seemed like a normal looking house and it was in horrid condition, the walls seeming to decay as a carcass would, doors broken open and even off their hinges. Though, within the house, it was empty and only had a cellar door.  Using the hammer, he broke the rusted lock off of the doors and opened it, the metal creaking and groaning against each other as if opening pained them. Putting the hammer away, Gabriel retrieved his flashlight and hunting knife, hooking the knife to his belt and descending down the old metal stairs. 
The place was an utter mess with the stench of death filling the air. Blood lined most walls, papers littered the floor, slowly decomposing bodies laid here and there. The corridors were illuminated by an ominous glow aside from Gabriel's flashlight. He took his camera out, snapping a few pictures as he went on, keeping the camera strap around his neck. He looking into doors as he passed them, seeing nothing but the same things over and over, a body or two, papers littering the floor, overturned tables, bloodied floors and walls, and the occasional gun lying on the floor. He entered a door with a name on the wall beside it, "Dr. Daniel Peters." He walked in and saw everything almost perfectly set up except for the blood that stained the desk and carpet. Atop the desk lay a notebook similar to the journal Gabriel had found in the attic. He picked it up, flipping through the aged, damaged pages.

Image by Mizuki-ShiBara

Gabriel frowned, putting the journal in his backpack. He walked out into the hallway, continuing his journey. He turned to see a door actually intact but, as he was going to open it, he heard something down the hallway. He hid behind an overturned wheeled cart, turning his flashlight off. He quieted his breath, keeping himself from panicking-he did not need an anxiety attack right then.
He listened closing, the soft mechanical hums of machinery and hissing of steam and hydraulics echoed from the hallway, a heavy but soft thump and a small, clicking tap against the metal floor as if the foot steps were from two different feet. He hesitantly glanced out from the side of the cart, seeing the shadow of a massive figure. He looked with wide eyes of amber, there walked the distorted, disfigured figure of a girl, Lenore. She stood on one massive leg of titanium and the other of bone and flesh, the same with her arms. The flesh on her body seemed to peel and tear away from the bone as if it were the decaying flesh of the dead. She seemed...lost, lonely, somehow. He gathered his courage and hesitantly stood up, looking at her. At the sound of his shuffling feet, she snapped her head to him, her mechanical green eye glowing brighter as she got into a seemingly defensive stance.

Lenore (Mint) - 2015 by Mizuki-ShiBara

"L-Lenore?" He said softly, trembling slightly. "That...that is your name, right?" She seemed to glare at him, "I-I'm not here to attack you, I just wanted to help you." He slowly came closer to her.

Lenore stood still, watching him but, as soon as he walked toward her, she seemed to notice the knife on his belt. She took a step back and growled, her eyes glowing. Gabriel's eyes widened as he backed up, stumbling over himself as she walked toward him. She bent forward and opened her mouth terrifyingly big, seeming to dislocate her jaw as an ear piercing, soul obliterating, inhuman screech emitted from her throat. Gabriel turned and ran as fast as he could, throwing his camera in his bag to keep it save before putting his bag back on. He turned his flash light on, jumping over bodies and dodging turned over carts and tables. He could hear her gaining, her heavy footsteps thumping against the once silver floor. Reaching the stairs, he raced up them and ran through the woods, ignoring his legs painful protests. 


It was dark outside when Gabriel returned home, locking all windows and doors. He hid up in his room, placing his back atop his desk as he flopped onto his bed. He took deep a breath, still trying to catch it. Once he was able to breath stably, he got up and dug through his bag, retrieving Jonathan's journal along with Dr. Peters' journal and the few papers he had obtained in the lab. He took them all and added them to the copper box before sitting at his desk and writing a letter of his own with his full name and the date, explaining what he had found and the dangerous necessity to never venture into the labs or recreate the experiment. He wrote his experience in explicit detail from his memory before placing the thirteen page letter into an envelope and into the box. He then retrieved an old locker lock he had and placed it on the box before walking to the attic and placing it in the small door, placing a second lock on it. He was heading toward his room when the lights went out with a flash of lighting and a crash echoed from downstairs, followed by mechanical hums and heavy footsteps. He gasped quietly, running down the hallway and into his room. 

He hid beneath his bed, his back against the wall as he heard the footsteps and growls coming from the hallway outside his room door. He was shocked the floor could.hold her considering her weight probably being a lot with the mechanical limbs. He quieted his breathing once she entered the room, smashing the door in. He watched as she approached the middle of the room, to the right of his bed. Everything was quiet aside from the hissing of hydraulics and steam, the clicking growl of a predator, and humming of gears. Her feet turned as if to walk away when the next thing he saw was bright, glowing miss-matched eyes of ruby and emerald stared at him.

"Freedom...!" Lenore growled in both a girl's and boy's voice speaking at once, her tone dark and distorted, almost static as she reached with a bone hand and grabbed him.

He yelled out in fear as she held him in the air by the shirt. "L-Lenore! Please! Don't do this!"

Her jaw unhinged as she screeched before she bit the front of his skull off, dropping the body and walking over it as she left the room, leaving Gabriel in peaceful silence. 


Gabriel awoke in the hospital four weeks later. His parents found him just in time and called 911. Though he is missing the front part of his brain, he will live, if only for a small time. Though, he would have problems mentally and would most likely have to stay with his parents for the remainder of his life, he is alive. He would never tell a soul of what he saw and he would never be the same, nor would his memory as most things will always be a blur to him now. But, no one would ever know what happened to him and no one would ever know where the creature named Lenore disappeared to.
If the journal pictures are hard to read, let me know and I'll add the plain text to this for those who can't read it very well.

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