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Ey there! The names Mizuki but you can call me Ren. I'm a shooter game chick (Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Brink, Dead Space, Borderlands 2, ect) as well as an author, artist, and singer.
A Creepypasta involving my pasta creature, Whispers. I'm actually pretty happy with this one! I wrote it for my Gothic Literature class and had own first place in the mini-competition we had! So, I'm happy with how it turned out. I may have things I would have done a bit different or added in but, I'm happy with it. ^^ I hope you all enjoy it!


Bored eyes of dull emerald stared out of the car window, watching as the trees and farm houses past by. The owner of these eyes was a sixteen year old girl named Talula Koralyn Stello (T-uh-loo-l-uh Core-uh-lin) and she hated Thanksgiving. All her family did was fight and argue all the time, why should they get together and pretend everything is "ok" and that everyone is buddy-buddy for one day a year? She turned her gaze to the sky, day-dreaming about having a better family...maybe about having friends. Talula was a rather quiet and lonely girl. She didn't have friends, only people she knew of. Not to mention the bullying she received from most other kids and her own family.

Talula sighed quietly, looking at her bandaged right arm and adjusted the slightly worn medical wrapping. She frowned, scowling a bit at the memory of the acid burn that damaged her right arm and left leg. She tore her gaze away from her arm and stared out the window once more. She recognized the surroundings, the houses and trees and signs they past, knowing that she and her family would arrive at her grandparents house fairly soon. She slipped on her black and green striped hoodie as the car drew near their destination. She picked up her black sling bag from the seat beside her, glancing at her younger brother, Osiris, who gazed out the window and into his own mind. Osiris was twelve years cold and rather small for his age, sickly really. He was a fairly frail child, his skin almost paper white and his frame thin and lanky. He was babied by mother, a disappointment to father, but cared for by Talula. Though, it was Talula who received the punishments. It was she who took the blame despite it having nothing to do with her and, in a way, she was ok with doing so. She doubted Osiris's frail, sickly body could handle the beating.

Talula leaned over, tapping Osiris's shoulder gently. "Hey, we're almost there. Make sure you've got your jacket." She spoke in a quiet, soft voice.

Osiris nodded, putting on his light grey jacket. "Th-Thank you, sis." 

Talula nodded, a small, warm smile splitting her features before she looked out of the windshield. She spotted their destination, the car pulling into the drive way. She unbuckled her seat belt and put on her sling-bag, waiting for the car to stop before opening the door and getting out. She rushed to the other side of the car to open the door for her little brother and smiled softly at his quiet thank you. Osiris climbed out of the car, zipping his jacket. Talula took his sling bag for him, closing the door once Osiris was out of the way.  He thanked her again before walking toward the house with their parents. Talula followed close behind him, taking mental note to check if he had dressed warm enough. She noticed how his light grey hoodie and grey jeans made him look so much paler than he really was, his almost white-blond hair not helping much. It was odd how different Talula looked from Osiris and their parents. Osiris had blond hair like both their parents and his eyes were a pale yellow, at least a little close to their mother's honey-brown eyes. But, Talula had dark grey-black hair-which she dyed the ends red, purple, and blue only a few months prier-and her eyes were a dark emerald. She looked almost nothing like the rest of her family. 

Talula Koralyn Stello by Mizuki-ShiBara

The smell of turkey and mashed-potatoes interrupted her thoughts as the front door opened, revealing her grandmother. They all entered the house, Talula's parents conversion with her grandparents as she and Osiris went on into the warm, welcoming living room. She sat on the couch, her brother sitting beside her as he started playing Pokemon on his DS. Talula stared out the window, her fingers drumming on her knee. She was nervous, that was certain. Nervous about her parents getting angry, nervous about Osiris getting hurt, and most of all, nervous about what she had seen a week previous. She had seen a rather tall, shadowed figure staring at her room window, at her, from across the street at night. She stared back for a while but, it disappeared once she looked away. Throughout the week, she had seen it again and again. Not only this, but, she had...heard it. Yes, she heard it. She heard it whispering, a hundred voices at once whispering in agony and torment, invading her dreams and peaceful daydreaming. She would see it out of the corner of her eye, standing there...laughing at her with a permanent, hollow smile. From the little she saw of it, it seemed to stand on legs like stilts, standing 9 feet tall. As mentioned, it's legs were thin and stilt like while it's body seemed normal, human sized. But, that's all she knew aside from it looking to be made entirely out of shadows. It was beginning to get to her. Her dreams had turned to nightmares every night, causing her to sleep less. She didn't want to go outside for it seemed to follow her...observe her. What made her more nervous was what she could hear from the whispers; "come play, friend," "be my friend," "I'll keep you safe," and very, very, faintly..."kill them." She was beginning to lose her mind. 

"Talula, a-are you ok?" 

Talula jumped slightly, Osiris's voice breaking the silence of her thoughts. She turned and looked at him, giving a small, slightly forced smile. "Y-Yeah, I'm alright. Just thinking."

Osiris nodded hesitantly, returning to his game. Talula looked back out the window, jumping slightly as she saw the figure standing in the graveyard. Only this didn't disappear. It was indeed tall and it's body knew no proportion. Along with it's stilt legs and "normal" sized body, it had an oddly balloon shaped head and only a large, white, hollow smile that took up half of it's "face" aside from a single circular eye of the same nature. It was missing it's right arm, it's shoulder jagged like a hole in it's left leg, as if a bite was taken out of it. It's arm was long and fairly thin-but, not as thin as it's legs-with a hand of claws, slender and sharp. There was a large, hollow, gaping hole where it's stomach should be, light grey goo oozing out from it. It seemed to laugh at her. Talula stood up, about to run outside to approach it but  was interrupted by the sound of her grandmother's voice calling them to dinner. Talula looked toward the kitchen, then back at the window only to find the figure had vanished. She frowned, turning and following her eager little brother to the kitchen.

Whispers ( re-drawn) by Mizuki-ShiBara

They all sat down at the dining room table once the food had been obtained. Talula sat beside Osiris, their father beside him, their mother, grandmother, and then their grandfather. They all ate and conversed except for Talula, whose mind was stuck on the image of the shadow creature. Aside from this, everything was fine until-

"Ugh! You failure!" Their father, whom of which is named Richard, shouted and backhanded Osiris.

Their mother, Jeanette, gasped and began yelling at the father as he shouted some rather...vulgar things at her and Osiris. Talula hugged Osiris close as he began to cry. Everyone began shouting none stop at one another, making Osiris's sobbing worse. Talula's head began to pound as the whispers returned, echoing through her head. As the whispers increased, so did the yelling and the sobbing. This went on for what seemed like forever until Talula couldn't take it anymore.

"What's wrong with you?!" Talula shouted at the top of her lungs, showing anger for the first time in a very long time.

She began to argue with her parents as her grandparents continued to yell and argue with each other and her parents and the whispers just worsened, and worsened, and worsened. Everything increased in volume and there were no signs of it ever ceasing until something was said that made everything go quiet;

"...maybe you should control your adopted tramp!" Shouted a voice that at the time, Talula didn't bother to match.

Everyone stood still and quiet, even Osiris's sobbing quieted down. Talula stood frighteningly still, her eyes wide. She now knew why she looked so different...why her parents didn't treat her the same...why she couldn't remember an entire chunk of her childhood. The whispers boomed in her head as some mental dam had been broken and memories came flooding back and old ones resurfaced atop the pieces, the remains of her mental wall. Her mother over-dosing on drugs, her father hanging himself out of grief, the children bullying her at the orphanage, the day her adoptive father stabbed her in the eye with a pencil, the day the kids in her science class threw acid at her, the beatings she took in place of Osiris...everything flooded her head and she felt as if her brain was going to explode. Her head pounded, the whispers boomed, and her vision turned crimson. She could see Jeanette yelling at Osiris's grandparents and Richard yelling at and threatening Jeanette with a fork but...she couldn't hear it. She couldn't hear it over the sound of her blood pumping through her heart, over the sound of whispers telling her to take what rightfully belonged to her; revenge. 

Talula stood from her chair, her face contorting into a look of pure rage and hatred. Osiris could see that things were going to go bad and slowly moved away from the table, hiding in the kitchen closet. The whole room seemed to morph into a crimson, bleeding blur of black and white shapes and fuzzy white noise. She could feel the presence of the shadow creature...of Whispers standing in the corner of the room behind her.

"I'm your friend." It's words hushed and slithered into Talula's ears. "I'll keep you safe...all you have to do is make them disappear. Take back your them your PAIN.

A look of pure rage distorted Talula's face as a ear-to-ear grin of insanity split her features. She laughed lowly as reached out and grasped the large kitchen knife from out of the turkey. Richard was too busy threatening his wife to notice the cold silver blade sliding beneath his knee cap. Richard screamed out in agony as Talula twisted the blade-TSSSSLLLLICSH!-the flesh ripped and twisted, blood gushing out and forming puddle of crimson. Talula ripped the blade out as Richard fell to the floor, crying out in pain. She looked up at Jeanette and grinned sadisticly , laughing as she took a few steps forward. Jeanette began to cry as she backed up, trembling in fear. Talula's laugh slowly turned into an animalistic growl as she lunged forward at the trembling woman, who now screamed. Talula pinned Jeanette to the floor and gripped the knife tightly, bringing it to the woman's stomach and slowly dragging it across the delicate flesh. Blood poured out of the shallow wound as the woman screamed and cried. Talula then took the blade and dragged it across the same area but deeper. She continued to do this several times before bringing the knife up and plunging it into the woman's chest, twisting the blade. She ripped the blade out and sliced Jeanette's throat, ceasing her screaming and turning it into gurgling.

Talula stood off the floor, slamming her foot down onto Jeanette's face several times; she was glad she wore her black combat boots. She slowly turned, seeing that her grandparents had run out of the house and drove away. She turned once again, looking at Richard, who was attempting to crawl away. Talula growled, slowly walking toward the man as he cried and pleaded for his life.

"How think pleading for your life will bring you mercy." She grinned, chuckling darkly as she grabbed him by his hair and yanked him up to look at her. "Well, Your wrong!" Her laugh turned into a growl of rage as she threw him down, slamming his head against the table.

Talula stabbed the knife through his wrist as he tried to grab the chair, causing him to scream out in pain. She slammed him against the floor, knocking the wind out of him. Using the time that he took to catch his breath, she took his belt off and tied his hands together. She stabbed the knife into his other knee to make sure he couldn't move. Richard cried and pleaded and screamed for his amused Talula. She chuckled darkly, taking the blade and dragging it across his stomach, pealing the skin. She carved a spade into the skinned area of his stomach, laughing as he screamed in pain. She held his arm still and did the same to his forearm, carving the word "scum" in his arm. She then put the knife to his mouth, slowly dragging it from the corner of his mouth to his ear, grinning wide at the sound of the skin tearing and splitting as blood ran down his cheeks and into his throat, making him cough and gag. She did the same to the other side. Talula glanced at the table, reaching up and taking hold of the electric turkey knife and smirking thoughtfully at it. She turned to Richard and looked at him with pure insanity; her mind was lost. She turned the knife on and began carving his right eye out, blood gushing from the socket as he screamed and struggled, making the damage much worse than it would have been. She the took the knife and did the same to the other eye before going at his throat. His screams turned into gurgling and soon silence as she ripped and tore at the flesh, running the blade through his throat until she hit the bone. She threw the electric knife aside, taking the knife in hand as she was about to do much more damage to his body when she heard the sound of sirens in the distance. 

She stood up, putting the knife in her boot before turning toward the closet. She swung the door open, looking down at her little brothers trembling, sobbing form. Talula smiled softly, warmly, as she bent down and picked him up, holding him in her arms. 

"Shhhh," she hushed, "don't you worry. Big sister will keep you safe from people." She cooed softly as she walked toward the back door. 

Talula held Osiris close as she ran out of the back door and into the chilled evening air. She looked around, thinking of where to run when...she saw him. Whispers stood in the graveyard, holding his hand out to her and whispering her name, beckoning her close. She smiled, walked toward the graveyard. Osiris tried to question her or get out of her grip but, she shushed him. She ran into the graveyard, seeing Whispers now standing by the woods. She ran toward the woods, hearing the sirens nearing the house. Talula ran into the woods, the sky slowly darkening as the full moon began to rise. She could hear the whispering of hundreds of voices traveling through the woods, floating on the gentle breeze like lonely, wondering ghosts. She ran as fast as she could until she stumbled upon an old abandoned home. She stood there, looking at the overgrown plants slithering and crawling up and through the walls and broken glass windows. She approached the house, hesitantly entering through the broken front door as Osiris hugged closer, trembling in fear. The walls were cracked and broken, water leaking from the ceiling and walls, plants growing all over. She followed the sound of whispering to an old wooden staircase leading downward. She descended down the staircase, each step creaking and groaning as if the weight was to much to bare. The light of the moon leaked in through the dirty, cracked window of what seemed to be a basement, the light revealing a decaying body of a child laying in the corner. The whispers increased as Whispers himself appeared, standing beside the body. 

"Join us..." He spoke. "Be our friend~" He said in a sing-song voice as shorter, child-like shadow figures surrounded Talula and Osiris.

"Sis...I-I wanna go h-home..." Osiris said quietly, hugging close to Talula.

"Shhhh, it's ok, little brother. We are home now...we are safe now." Talula whispered as she stepped closer to Whispers.

And then, within seconds...they were gone. They flickered out of existence and to another plane of being, somewhere far away...somewhere safe

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