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Mizuki "Mizu" ShiBara
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Ey there! The names Mizuki but you can call me Mizu. I'm a shooter game chick (Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Brink, Dead Space, Borderlands 2, ect.) and I love to draw, I love heavy metal/rock music (Slipknot, KoRn, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, A Perfect Circle and many many more), reading, writing, role playing and Anime.
Another Creepypasta! I'm not really sure on the title...let me know what you think the title should be after reading, if you've got an idea. ^,..^ This story didn't quite turn out the way I wanted to but, it was close enough.
Bright eyes of dull emerald looking around with curiosity. The owner of these eyes was a girl at the age of seventeen with long, dark indigo hair; she had just moved into a new house with her parents. Having never seen the inside of the house, she was wondering around upstairs to find her room. The house was two stories with a basement so, finding her room wasn't all that hard. After about ten minutes of wondering the house, she had finally stumbled upon a door with her name painted onto the door in purple; Ren.

Ren half-smiled, opening the door. She was slightly nervous as she wasn't the one who placed her furniture and such in her room; her parents were the ones who did so with the movers. Once inside, she gazed around the room. The room floor was a dark, shiny type of wood and the walls were painted dark purple with a crimson crescent moon above her bed. Her bed was against the wall to her right, pushed up into the corner. The window was directly in front of the door, her desk sat below said window. The sill and border of the window was painted dark blue. Against the wall she stood in front of, was a second desk with her TV and game consoles sitting atop it. To the left of her, was her four bookshelves of video games, books, and decorations. There was a closet door in the middle, two bookshelves on each side of it. She turned and gazed at her door; it was black with purple, red, and blue swirls, stars, roses, and a moon painted all over. Ren smiled, nodding approvingly. Her parents must have been here to direct the movers because her room was assembled almost exactly as it was in their previous house. Well, as close to it as it could be.

Ren then noticed the few boxes on the left side of the door. Must be my drawings and such, she thought to herself. She opened box by box, unpacking the few things left. She placed somethings on her bookshelves, where there was room, and hung some of her drawings upon the wall using thumb-tacks and occasionally tape. Smiling contently at her work, she turned to the closet. She opened the closet door, peering inside. Her clothes hung on hangers and hooks, boxes of other items sat upon a shelve above her. She nodded to herself as she familiarized herself with her new room.

"Ren! Dinner!"

Ren turned, hearing her mother's voice call up from downstairs. She started closing the closet but,-

Thump, thud.

-she jumped a bit, looking into the closet. She looked around but, there was nothing that had fallen down or could have made such a sound. She frowned, puzzled. How...odd. She shrugged her shoulders, closing the door gently and exiting the room. Though, she could have sworn that she heard a faint...ticking, come from the closet as she left.

Ren sighed, curling up under her covers.

Thump...thud, thud. Tick, Tick, Tick.

She groaned in irritation, popping her head out from under her blanket and glaring daggers at the closet. No matter how much she ignored it, it seemed to grow louder and happen more frequently. Ren glanced at the clock, sighing as she saw it to be two in the morning. She muttered something unintelligible as she rolled over and covered up again, intending on going back to sleep.


"Wah!" Ren yelped, falling out of bed and hitting the floor with a slight thud at the startling sound; it had sounded like something pounding on her closet door. She growled in utter irritation. "Are you freaking serious right now?!" She asked to the air.

Ren stood up, untangling the herself from her blanket, which her fuzzy, black night pants weren't helping with the static it made against the blanket every time she moved, not to mention how they were sticking to the blanket. She put her glasses on as she approached the closet door after turning the light on, muttering curse words and threats under her breath as she retrieved her baseball bat from beneath her bed. She slowly krept up to the closet door, gripping her bat with one hand, and turning the door knob with the other. With a slight "war cry," she swung the door open, baseball bat at the ready. But, no one was there.

"W-What?" She blinked in surprise. "But...the hell could have made that noise?!" She whispered to herself as she inspected the closet.

Ren sighed. She was about to close the closet and go back to bed when...she noticed something. She tilted her head, noticing and odd area in the wall that seemed to be...slightly pushed forward. She placed the baseball bat down on the floor and pushed the hanging close aside. She looked at the wall curiously. There was an area where the wall seemed...out of place. Looking closer, she noticed there was a place where the paint had pealed, revealing an old, worn looking type of wall paper. Curiosity getting the better of her, Ren started to scratch at the paint, somewhat peeling the paint off the wall. The wall paper looked almost burnt but, she could make out a somewhat flowery like pattern. She got up, running out of the room and into the hallway quietly. She found the box cutter and ran back into the room, entering the closet and kneeling before it.

Ren let out a breath, hesitantly cutting open the wall paper. She ripped it off, revealing dark, wooden boards that were nailed to the wall. She huffed a bit. Whatever is behind this must be important, she thought as she started pulling at the boards. After a little while, she was able to rip back the boards due to the nails being old and rusted. Behind the boards, was a circular, black, wooden door. It was small but, big enough to crawl through. She huffed a small laugh; wow, whoever lived here last did a damn good job of keeping this door hidden. Ren tilted her head a bit, seeing a symbol on the door. She stood up, pulling on the chain that turned the light on. She knelt back down, inspecting the door. She gently pressed her hand to the door's surface. It was cracked and old, yet it felt smoother than any wood she had ever felt before. The symbol was carefully and almost perfectly carved into the wood. It seemed to be a circle with an "X" through it. Once again, curiosity took over and she reached for the small, silver door knob, slowly turning it. She opened the door, the creak echoing inside. She leaned down on her knees, looking inside. It was fairly dark but, she could make out a set of stairs that led upwards. A hidden attic? Sweet! Ren thought, beaming at the idea. She stood up, closing the door for the moment. She ran around her room, gathering things. She slipped on her dark red converse and put her black and purple striped hoodie on over her dark grey tank top.

Ren put on her favorite black bag with the strap that went across her body and put the box cutter in it as well as her iPod. She grabbed a flashlight from her desk drawer. She walked into the close, getting on her knees and opening the small, black door. She turned her flashlight on, shining it inside. Yep, a staircase, she thought as she cautiously crawled through. Once inside, she was able to stand up. Looking around, she could see the room she stood in was more like a hallway by it's size, only the staircase before her. The wooden stairs and the wallpapered walls seemed burnt and worn to hell. It looked like no one had been behind that door in years. She let out a slightly nervous breath. Cautiously, she started climbing the stairs. It was eerily quiet, too quiet and quite literally so. The higher up the stairs she got, the more symbols she saw carved and painted onto the two walls on each side of her. They were the same symbol as on the door. What? Was there some...cult that used to live here or is it just me? She huffed a sound close to a laugh, more out of nervousness then at her own thoughts. After what seemed like forever, she had finally reached the top of the stairs. Standing about three feet in front of her, was a normal shaped door of the same nature as the circular one; smooth, black wood with the symbol carved into it. Ren let out a shaky breath as she hesitantly gripped the silver door knob. She was so nervous, so...she wasn't really sure what she was feeling or why she was feeling it. She was never scared of things like this but, something about this room has her stomach in knots, something about this room was...unnerving to her. She could hear that ticking sound from within the door along with something that sounded like faint static that echoed in her ears.

Slowly but surely, Ren turned the door knob and entered the room with the utmost caution. She stepped in quietly, peering inside as she shined her flashlight. It was completely dark, save for the pale blue light that seeped through the boarded up window directly across from the door. There were those symbols again, one painted on the floor, another on the ceiling, and one on each wall. All painted in red. In the center of the room, in the center of the symbol on the floor, was a small but, fair sized box, illuminated by the soft, pale glow from the window. She slowly approached the box, not realizing that her shoe had scuffed up the symbol on the floor. She slowly opened the box, looking inside. Inside the old, worn box, was what seemed like torn up, burned, camera tapes as well as multiple notebooks. Underneath those, was an old journal with the name "Arthur Williams" printed on the front in bold, grey letters. She was about to open it when the temperature seemed to drop slightly. Ren shivered, coughing a bit. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow move...a rather tall shadow. She turned quickly, her breath coming in quiet, shallow intakes. She put all the items in her bag and quickly ran out of the room, shutting the door behind her quickly and running down the stairs as the static in her ears increased. She let out a slight scream of surprise as the door behind her started to shake and rattle as if someone were trying to get out of a locked room. She crawled out of the circular door and quickly shut it, almost tripping as she got up, ran out of the closet, and closed the door as fast as possible.

Ren took in short, quick breaths as she backed away from the door. She sat at her desk, putting the flashlight down and taking the notebooks out. She opened them up, seeing drawings and sketches of, what she assumed to be, a fairly tall man in a suit. But, most of the drawings were messy and the paper was worn and aged. Frowning, she placed the notebooks back and took out the journal. She sat it atop the desk, opening it to the first page. Ren then began to read it within her mind.
October 3rd, 2009.
"If someone is reading this, then I must be dead. I guess, I should introduce myself. My name is Arthur Williams. I am nineteen and my older sister, Lilly Williams, who would be twenty-three. Lilly had gone missing last year and no one was able to find her. But, I know that she is somewhere alive...she has left me clues. There is something weird going on and that is why Lilly had to disappear. I am beginning this journal to record my findings and have a way to remember all that I have found. First, the clues I have found so far, is a camera tape. It had a video of her walking through the woods around our house and seeing something...strange. Upon seeing it, she had ran back to the house. The camera was glitching and had slight static. I have a feeling that something much bigger...much stranger was going on."

October 10th, 2009.
"I have found notes and letters written by Lilly. They are addressed to no one but, all of them have the subject of something always watching her and following her. One speaks of the eyes being a twelve foot tall man in black with no face. I have no idea what was happening to my sister but, I have a very bad feeling about it."

October 16th, 2009.
"I have found the area of the forest that Lilly had walked through, I am going to go back there tomorrow with a camera just in case, as well as my combat knife, a flashlight, clear tapes, batteries, and a phone just to be safe. I don't want to go in unprepared."

October 17th, 2009.
"Oh god, I saw it. I saw the man. He had no face, he was in a suit, twelve feet tall, and unbelievibly thin. It kept getting closer no matter how far I ran. I tripped and hit my head on something because I ended up blacking out. I woke up in the woods still two hours later. My head hurts but, I'm alive."

October 20th, 2009.
"I went back into the woods but, stayed away from the place I saw him. I found a tape in the woods labed "0113." I'm not sure what it means but, I know it can't be a date. I watched it and it sounded like it was Lilly, talking to something else. I heard a mans voice that sounded like it was beside her. They were talking about the forest and something about a legend but, a lot of the video was distorted."

November 4th, 2009.
"I haven't found anything...but, I keep seeing a man standing outside by a tree, staring at my window. It seems that it is wearing a mask but, it was too dark to be sure. I'm worried that my sister had gotten herself into something bad and now, I'm dragged into it."

November 12th, 2009.
"I keep seeing shadows move out of the corners of my eyes and I keep having nightmares. I have no idea whats going on but, I keep having nightmares of fires and some about the forest. I see the forest infront of me and I can blurrily see the faceless man standing at the border of it, with what...seems to be children standing along the border as well. They have glowing, yellow eyes. But, that's all I remember of it."

November 15th, 2009.
"I found another letter but, it was hidden underneath the welcome mat outside. How? I'm not sure. But, Lilly mentions an old, burned down house deep in the woods. I'm...debating on whether or not to go look."

Ren closed the diary. She couldn't read anymore at that point. She crawled into bed after slipping her converse off. She didn't bother turning off the light.
The next morning, Ren was home alone. Her parents had gone out to look around town but, she didn't feel like going with them so, she stayed home. She was looking things up online about the "faceless man" on her laptop. She found out that he is apparently called the "Slenderman." He was considered something called a Creepypasta. Ren had heard about them but, kept forgetting to read them. She was about to click a video when her laptop glitched, the screen flickering with static.

"What? No! No no no no!" Ren panicked, groaning as the screen turned black.

When she looked up though, there was fog outside. Frowning in confusion, she stood up and leaned over her desk, looking outside a bit more. She could have sworn that someone was standing out there. Ren slipped on a pair of black jeans and her converse before slipping her black and purple stripped hoodie over her tank top. She grabbed her bag that had a pocket knife, flashlight, house key, iPhone, and other small items. She was putting her long, dark purple-blue hair into a ponytail as she was about to leave when, she turned toward one of the boxes still by her wall. She dug inside it, looking for the old camera she had gotten last year for her birthday. Once she found it, she made sure that the batteries worked and that there was an SD card in it. Confirming this, Ren ran down the stairs and outside. She turned the camera on, figuring out the buttons and such once exiting the house. She looked around, recording as she did so.

"Hello? Is anyone out here?" She called out, mentally scolding herself at the fact that she asked that. Idiot, what if that person out here is that masked man in Arthur's journal? Or freaking Slender! She sighed, looking around a bit nervously.

In the deepest part of the fog, standing beside a tree, stood the silhouette of a man. He was taller then Ren but, not twelve feet tall. He wasn't skinny, nor was he big by what she could tell. Ren grew a bit nervous as the man just stood there, statue still. She gripped the camera tightly. No matter how much she wanted to hide it, she knew that slight fear shown in her eyes of dull emerald. She let out a quiet, shaky breath as she hesitantly began walking toward him.

"H-Hey! Your on private property! Leave now or I will call the cops!" She shouted at him from about ten feet away.

The man seemed to shift slightly. Ren turned, hearing an inhuman howl coming from the direction of her house. When she turned and looked at the man, he seemed to turn toward her as well and then, he ran at her. Ren yelled out in surprise, turning and running as fast as she could. She ran into the house, closing the door and attempting to lock it. She could hear the thumping from upstairs louder then ever, causing her brain to began pounding against her skull painfully. She screamed a bit as the man pushed against the door, trying to push it open. She pushed back as hard as she could but, the door was flung open, causing her to fall back onto the floor. The camera dropped from her hand. The man tackled her, trying to choke her. Ren pushed him back as hard as she could, struggling to get him off her.

"Get OFF ME!" Ren yelled, kicking him in the stomach and pushing him off.

She took the knife from her back and stood at the ready, glaring at the masked man. His mask was white with black details, quite girlish, too. He stood there, tilting his head from side to side as if examining her.

"Get...out..." Ren practically growled at the man, holding the knife toward him.

He seemed like he was going to make a move until Ren let out a "battle cry" and charged at him. He ran out of the house and into the woods. Ren grinned, shutting and locking the door. Despite her skull-splitting headache, she ran all over the house, shutting and locking windows and doors. Ren headed upstairs toward her room, itching her arm. She wasn't sure why, but, she had this odd burning itch. Shrugging it off, she sat back at her desk and tried to reboot her laptop. But, as she was about to, there was another pound. Ren yelped, holding her head. The fog outside had become thicker and the pounding sped up. She began to cough violently as an inhuman screech erupted from the secret attic. Ren gripped her head tightly, falling to the floor. She coughed uncontrollably as blood dripped from her nose and that burning itch returned. Static echoed in her ears as the circular door seemed to shatter into a million pieces. Black tendrils slithered out from it, two, black shoes in front of the door. That was the last thing she saw before everything went black.

Eyes of dull green opened to harsh, bright light. Ren groaned, slowly sitting up and looking around. There was a small puddle of blood on the floor from her nose, her throat burned from the coughing, her head ached, and her arm was almost scratched raw. It had been four weeks since the Slenderman came out of her attic and ever since then, these coughing, nosebleed, and itching fits, with a side of headache, have been happening more often. Researching the symbol and other things, she had found that the attic had actually been his prison, in a way, and she had freed him. Her parents were worried but, she told them that her allergies must have been acted up again and that she was alright. When in reality, she was not okay. Not in the slightest. Ren sighed, shakily standing up and cleaning the blood up. Not only had this been happening, but, she had started seeing Slenderman almost everywhere. It had seemed that what happened to Lilly and Arthur, was now happening to her. She even started losing small bits of memory. She had finished reading it the day after she had gotten attacked and Slenderman was freed. Lilly was dead the entire time...Arthur, Ren assumed, is dead. But, if so, she had no idea who imprisoned Slenderman in that attic. Unconsciously, she started itching at her arm again as she read on her laptop. She had since figured out that, the man in the mask had not ran because she had a knife, but, because the slender being had escaped it's prison.

Ren had drawn the symbol in many places since then, learning that it warded him off. She started not sleeping and when she did actually sleep, she had the same nightmares Arthur had and more. She barely ate anymore, barely left her room, barely even did anything. She could see him...Slenderman, staring at her window from the border of the forest. He would appear...then disappear. She knew when he was there and when he wasn't because she could hear the static that came from him. Ren had long since given up on finding out how to stop the faceless man, because she knew, she really couldn't. She realized she was scratching again and cursed under her breath. She had scratched her skin open again. She covered it with her sleeve, as she was wearing her favorite black and purple hoodie. Ren stood up, about to go get maybe an apple or something when, everything seemed to stop. Everything seemed to go quiet, no sound at all; except the beating of her heart...and the static. She slowly turned around, staring with wide, emerald eyes. He was standing right there. Grabbing her bag in the last second, she ran out of the house. Her parents were no where to be seen.

Not realizing her dumb mistake, Ren ran into the woods. Dodging trees and bushes, she ran as fast as she could, pushing herself forward despite her legs painful protests. She deep into the woods, the static getting fainter the further she ran. She stopped though as she stumbled upon and old, burnt house. Hesitantly, she ran inside and looked around. She was about to leave as she heard the static getting close but, stepped on something. She looked down to see...a white envelope. She picked it up, hesitantly opening it. There was a letter inside. She began reading it, curiosity-unfortunately-getting the best of her.

"He wasn't always this way...he was once a man, a human, like you and I. No one knows what happened to him, no one knows why. But, even still, he was once a human being, just like you and I.
                       -Lilly Williams."

Ren stared at it, dumbfounded. All these years, and this was still here. Not only that, but, did Lilly, it couldn't be. Ren stared in disbelief, could she be referring to...the Slenderman?  Her amazement and thoughts were interrupted though, as the static was right in her ears. Frozen in fear, all she could do was turn and look behind her with wide eyes. He was right behind her...the Slenderman. Black tendrils slithered from his back and came toward her and all she could do...was watch.

Local News Channel;
"Rennette Raizot is missing, last seen at her home. She is seventeen, purple hair, green eyes, and was wearing red shoes, black jeans, and a black and purple stripped hoodie. Please, notify authorities if you see or have seen this girl."
(I will leave the rest to your imagination. What do you think happen to her? Dead? Escaped and is in hiding? Let me know what you think happened!)

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