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Automaton mask by Mizuki-ShiBara
Automaton mask
I did a thing.

Okay so, I have an obsession with masks, metallic paint, and automatons. Enough said.
Spade by Mizuki-ShiBara
This is my automaton (Steam Powered Giraffe inspired). I'll post her story probably later.

Edit: Back story.
Spade was built in 1827 by a women named Madeline Kurochi. Madeline was an engineer but, made small clock work toys as a living, her toy shop was known as "Clockwork Smiles." After saving enough money, she gathered the materials to build an automaton which she planned to give to her daughter, Alyce, for her 8th birthday. Spade was created to draw and be a friend for little Alyce for Alyce was a lonely child; she was home schooled and didn't have any friends because of more than a few disorders. Alyce and Spade were the best of friends and always played together until one day, when Alyce was to turn 12, she disappeared. Well, from Spade's perspective anyway. Alyce had become very ill over the course of a few months and, unknowing to Spade, had died in her sleep. For two years, no one explained to Spade what happened to Alyce and so, she always wondered and asked about her. 
It was on the day of what would have been Alyce's 14th birthday that Madeline lost all sanity she had left. In a grief-stricken rage, she trashed her workshop and pushed Spade over, damaging her enough to shut her down. Madeline left Spade in the basement afterwards. It was three days later that Madeline's husband, Markus, came home from being overseas to find his wife hanging from the ceiling in Alyce's room. Taken over by sorrow, Markus packed his things and left the shop after Madeline's burial, closing it down for good. It was 5 years later that Markus remarried to a woman named Emily Raizot. Spade was left, unnoticed by Markus, in the deactivated in the basement for many years, the toy shop abandoned and left to rot until the year 2013 when Jane Kurochi received a letter claiming her to be the only Kurochi left and inherited the shop. She found Spade after a few days of cleaning up the old shop and took her to her own workshop, upgrading and fixing her. Today, Spade lives with Jane and has befriended many people in the S.E.O (my own organization from many stories of mine). But, she will live happily, never to know what actually happened to her first friend and creator.

Side notes/added info:
Jane is an engineer, doctor, and scientist among other things.
The S.E.O corresponds with stories and other characters of mine.
Spade likes to drink Faygo sometimes because it "smells" good to her and others. Red pop especially.
Spade cannot run.
Spade likes the sound of rain and watching thunder storms.
Spade can understand a language her friend, Mint, created made up of clicks and small screeches of various pitches.
Spade can use a sword.
Symbolism - Ren by Mizuki-ShiBara
Symbolism - Ren
Every detail represents something, every detail has a meaning down to the shaded frames, to the demon claw the masked girl has. Can you figure it all out?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Ey there! The names Mizuki but you can call me Ren. I'm a shooter game chick (Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Brink, Dead Space, Borderlands 2, ect) as well as an author, artist, and singer.
He gazed down at his hands, wondering what he could have done...what he should have done. He wished it could have been him, he wished it upon himself in her place...he wished life onto her, wished her smile could brighten his day once more...even for just a moment. He had hoped, at first, that he may have the strength to will it away, to will the sorrow, the guilt, the agony all away but, after so long waiting, his hope and strength deteriorated and faded away as did his smile, his love, his will. It had been six months since she had died and five months since he begun to see and hear her in the house, in the car, in his head. She was everywhere; she roamed the ill-lit hallways in the night, she stood by his bed and wept by his side, she would try and hold his warm hand with her cold hand of ivory and crimson, she whispered to him while he slept and while he worked, and she sat in the back seat of his car, smiling at him with cold, pale blue lips despite the tears always falling down her bloodless, colorless cheeks. She always matter what she was doing when he saw her, tears poured from her eyes. But, it was the day those tears turned crimson and cries to screams that he lost it.

He could no longer withstand the sight of her bruised and battered ghost, of the blood that dripped from her and disappeared once it fell, of the black, hollow holes that had only recently overtook her beautiful eyes of sapphire. He no longer had the strength to live without her light or with the sight of what she had become...the sight of his sweet, mangled Annabell.

He stood in the basement where all of Annabell's belongings stayed. He clutched the knife in one hand and her necklace in the other. Annabell stood behind him, screaming as blood began to puddle beneath them. But, it was not her's. He carved her name into his arm before plunging the knife into his chest, collapsing upon the floor as his heart beat no more.

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